Perhaps, there is no better way of expressing oneself than through movement. It has been known in psychology that one’s actions are worth more than words. Since this is true, how much more can you express yourself when your movements are synchronized and united with music?

By saying this, dance is the ultimate expression of one’s feelings and emotions as it is an art that involves the movement of the body in synchrony to music. Oftentimes, it is used for entertainment, exercise, exhibition, or, in certain animal species, for mating.

Various Information About Dance


In terms of classification, dance may be grouped according to ethnicity or region. Almost every continent, country, region, or culture in the world boasts of its own dance. From Asia, Sri Lanka, and India to Europe and North America, there is at least one type of dance that makes each of these countries unique and distinct.

Then, there is also the world-famous ballet, which was first developed in Italy and then spread throughout France. As the dance became more and more popular, the first performers who were court amateurs were replaced by ballet masters who were licensed by the French government.

The 20th-century concert dance also entered the dance scene, which is characterized by having a freestyle technique. The pioneers of this class of dance were greatly influential to what are now known as the modern dance and the modern ballet. Rudolf Steiner and Marie Steiner-von Sivers were responsible for the Eurythmy, which is a combination of traditional dance and the new freer style.

The African-American Dance, which is what we usually in everyday spaces and areas was developed by the African-American communities. This dance is more exhibited in areas other than studios and schools.

  • Occupations for Dancers

Though some people see that dancing should only remain a hobby and never a career, it can actually be a great career. And yes, many professional dancers throughout history have enjoyed stardom and wealth from doing what they do best– dancing.

Various Occupation Choices For Dancers

Professional dancer. Professional dancers are usually hired on contract to perform for a particular event or concert. However, since they are on contract, it is a common practice for them to also hold other jobs to ensure financial stability.

Dance teacher. A dance teacher is one who is either self-employed or employed by a company. They require experience and mastery of the dance that they are teaching especially when they teach individuals for tournaments and competitions.

Choreographer. A choreographer can also be self-employed or employed by a company. However, the difference between him and the dance teacher is that he is university trained. At times, he can also be employed on contract to train individuals or groups.

Dancing is one of the oldest forms of arts. It has lived throughout history and will survive the toughest times of competitions in whatever sense. And for those who belittle dance and its patrons, better believe that it’s more than just dance.

About Me

My name is Carrie Melcher. I’ve been dancing since I was old enough to walk. It’s by far my greatest passion, but it’s only a small part of what I do. I was born in Michigan, but I’ve lived here in Naples, Florida for over a decade now. I’m a full time Naples real estate agent, and in my spare time, I teach dance for both children and adults. Being in real estate I get to meet a diverse range of people, many of which have taken interest in dance and have become students as well.

Living in Naples, I get to experience nature at it’s best and most beautiful. There’s nothing quite like the sunset from Naples Pier. I’m a lifer here for sure. 😉